A quiz show where everyone can have fun!

This daily quiz show puts strategy front and centre, as 5 celebrities answer general-knowledge questions to win money for their favourite charity. But here’s the catch: one of the five participants is cheating, because they’re secretly being fed the answers. The cheater’s mission is to play it smart so they can fool the other players and win the game without getting caught.

Year after year, Le Tricheur is always updating its format and upping its game, in an effort to keep its viewers, players and host constantly guessing. With changing rules, surprise guests and a natural, infectious chemistry that happens on set, the show offers a vast playing field where almost anything can happen.

Reaching over 1 million viewers each night through its combined editions, Le Tricheur is undoubtedly a great choice to start the evening off right.

Informations on the show

984 300


18 Pie Chart


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Source : Numeris, Quebec franco, H20 (Jan 6. – April 26), L-D, 2h-2h, 2+. Facebook : sept. 2020. Audience Estimates WS2021.

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