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The upheavals of the past few years have brought about many changes in lifestyle habits, including more limited travel and a greater focus on neighborhood life and local businesses. Proximity out-of-home is becoming a remarkable tool because of its ability to effectively reach consumers during their daily travels, when they are most alert and receptive.

With its strategic positioning and wide creative potential, out-of-home advertising attracts attention and quickly delivers a wide reach, coupled with a high frequency among motorists, pedestrians, cyclists as well as public transit users.

Out-of-home is more than ever an effective way to increase your visibility with consumers.

Reach your target effectively with proximity advertising

34 %

of outstanding shares. Québecor is the largest player in out-of-home advertising in Québec

83 %

of consumers recall seeing display advertising in the last 30 minutes before making a purchase

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93 %

of Montrealers are reached by Québecor bus shelters

Source : JC Decaux, COMMB Winter 2023 (January) and Numeris-RTS Fall 2022. Reach over 4 weeks.

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