Different solutions to reach your goals


Content written in the tone of the brand that respects the DNA and themes of the site. The advertiser’s key messages are integrated organically into the story. ​


Content produced by taking into consideration the interests of the target you’re trying to reach, as well as the story the client wants to tell, while respecting the identity of the brand.

Why choosing content marketing?

  • Be integrated into a relevant and credible environment
  • Engage in conversation and reach an audience of choice
  • Strengthen the bond of trust by providing customized and engaging stories
  • Provide a positive experience of the advertiser’s brand
  • Increase awareness, engagement and consideration
  • Optimize reach, views and traffic to the client/advertiser site

Promote your brand in a diverse digital ecosystem

Different formats adapted to your needs


The traditional content approach for delivering information to a relevant, engaged audience. Also an opportunity to integrate your main key messages.


For clients looking for engagement and aiming to educate about a product or service, the quiz format is ideal for this type of objective.

Not available on the following brands: Coup de pouce, Guide de l’auto, Canadian Living, Style at Home, Recettes du Québec, Zeste.


In-depth explanation of a complex subject ca sometimes be difficult. Using an infographic format lightens up the subject matter to present the information in a simple way using images, charts and text. A colorful way to deliver key messages!


Capture users’ attention with a video clip that enables you to tell your story in an organic, contextual way.

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