Make your consumers react.

Whether you want to increase your brand awareness, increase your market share or boost brand awareness. Whether you want to acquire new customers, retain current consumers or influence their purchasing journey, our one-stop shop is there to guide you to the right solution to achieve your business objectives.

Media Planning

When it comes to media planning, we are a solid partner to help you achieve your business objectives and those of your clients. Regardless of the platform – digital, television, out-of-home, newspapers, magazines, events, radio – our teams of professionals are able to support you in optimizing your investment and effectively reaching your target.

Whether it’s through a selection of impactful formats, the latest digital innovation or a combination with one of our traditional communication vehicles, we will guide you towards the most strategic solution to effectively meet your needs and develop flexible media strategies that take advantage of our unparalleled reach in the market.

Creative Solutions

Do you want to increase the impact of your campaign? Capture the attention of your target audience? Stimulate consumers’ consideration for your brand? Or simply have a conversation with your clientele that is tailored to today’s trends? A customized CRéA solution is essential! Our mission? To provide a communication strategy that enables advertisers to connect with their consumers in a different way, with authenticity, performance and measurability, through an alliance with our content and media.

Every year, our CRéA experts create and skillfully execute hundreds of strategic media campaigns with our various business partners. This rich expertise allows you to add a convincing multiplier effect to the success of your campaigns in an insightful and creative manner.

Audience and programmatic

Make sure your idea stands out and reaches your target with Quebec’s most popular media group!

Québecor ID is Quebecor’s innovative line of media placement, programmatic and audience solution advertising products. Discover the different ways to activate data via turnkey or self-service media placements our our web sites and platforms.

Sponsorship Activation

At Gestev’s Experiential Agency, we create unique content and build distinctive environments. We leverage our clients’ brands in a relevant and creative way. From corporate events to brand activation, our measurement of success is the achievement of your business objectives: engaging potential customers, fostering employee retention, increasing brand equity and even contributing to increased sales.

Now integrated into the one-stop shop, experiential solutions are another demonstration of the magnitude that convergence can bring to your business.

Commercial Production

We offer customized solutions to our client partners for the design and production of original advertisements or the production of content in collaboration with our brands, regardless of the platform.

The best way to bring an idea to life is to know how to surround yourself with the right people. We advocate a simplified, perfectly adapted and above all more human approach to production: a personalized project, according to your requirements and parameters, with the in-house talent from each of our platforms or experts from MELS Studios.

Custom Content

You think content strategy, at COLAB we understand fluidity, consistency, relevance, performance and agility. As well as support. We are here to support you in achieving your objectives. Everything is content? Everything is possible. We ensure the quality and relevance of editorial, video, audio, social and business content. We design and create formats and delivery models based on the results we want to achieve.

Knowing the role of each platform, publishing and optimizing according to the targets and managing the communities created is the least we can do. Understanding the intricacies of each community, interacting with them on a daily basis, reaching out to their needs to share surprising and relevant content with them, and ensuring that their interactions with brands are continuously improved, is an authentic mission. Our mission.

Then we measure and optimize endlessly Because a strategy without performance is just cloud-crushing. As much as we like to have our heads in the clouds, we hate shoveling.

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