An impactful ​platform

Daring, accessible and innovative, digital radio moulds to Quebecers’ new consumption habits. An explosion of podcasts combined with the growing penetration of smart devices make digital radio a media strategy tool that’s totally tuned in.


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Source: 1. Triton Digital, Cumulative monthly average between live, illico and podcast, listeners and active listening January-March 2022 / 2. Triton Digital, total downloads 2021 vs 2020 / 3. Social networks, August 2022 

A radio station unlike any other

QUB radio is Quebecor’s new digital audio platform. A 100% digital radio, which ignores conventional, which defies conventions, which reinvents the form and which takes position. Combined with a wide range of podcasts: this an audio offer that resolutely of its time. The new way to get your point across to your target.

QUB radio live

A credible station that speaks to a loyal audience

Bold, accessible and innovative, QUB radio is a provincial public affairs radio station that deals with issues that touch French-speaking Quebecers. It focuses on strong, credible personalities, appreciated by the public, as well as on new and relevant voices for a multitude of opinions. Backed by the journalistic strength of the Journal de Montréal, Journal de Québec, Salut Bonjour, TVA Sports and LCN, QUB radio also benefits from Québécor’s multiplatform reach.


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Top 30

all the programs of QUB radio's linear schedule are displayed in the French-Canadian top


average active listeners per month

Source: 1 Triton Rankers, March 2022 / 2 Google Analytics, demographic profile, web radio, November-May 2022. / Triton Digital, Average monthly cumulative active listening between live, illico and podcast January-March 2022


Already a leader in Canada!

QUB radio proposes a wide variety of podcast series, from humour, to music, to video games, as well as popular science, sports, cars, criminal investigations and life stories. Certain series spotlight strong personalities, such as Normand Lester, Patrice Bernier and Denise Bombardier, whereas others focus on niche and involved communities such as wrestling, country and contemporary history. Three of these podcast series have already stood out at the Canadian Podcast Awards in Toronto, a contest which rewards the best in the Canadian podcast industry.


QUB radio's podcast series are featured in the French-Canadian podcast top


downloads per month


QUB podcast listeners are men

Source: 1. Triton Rankers, March 2022 / 2. Triton Digital, average downloads between January-March 2022. / 3. Google Analytics, podcast demographic profile, January-March 2022

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