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Back-to-school (and work) season is just around the corner

Although the seventh wave slowed our return to normal down a bit, Quebecers’ eagerness to return to the office—at least part time—hasn’t wavered. Just this past spring, 68% of Montreal workers were already stepping foot back into their office.

And with this return to normal comes a renewed interest in fashion and beauty. The increase in elegant clothes sales in 2022 is a testament to society’s desire to get out of the house. And while consumers are once again turning to in-person shopping, projected online sales appear to be diminishing. We’re pretty sure Shopify—forced to let go of 10% of their workforce—won’t argue with that!  

Being in the office part time doesn’t mean spending less

Source: Leger survey for the Chambre de commerce du Montréal métropolitain, Retour au bureau et comportements de consommation des travailleurs du centre-ville de Montréal, May 2022



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