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Video content is one of the high-reach formats. But not all videos have the same value. Today, the secret to a successful video lies in hybrid formats, combining text and image.

Silence reigns supreme

The trend is overwhelming: 75% of people regularly watch videos without sound on mobile and 62% do the same on their computer. There are many reasons viewers prefer silent mode: to not disturb others in the vicinity, because they forgot their headphones, so they can do several things at the same time, etc.

An even more firmly entrenched habit amongst young adults

While this way of consuming content originated on social media, it would be naive to think the phenomenon will stay there.

TV is also part of the trend

Consider video you can read!

To not neglect the majority of your audience, it’s essential to give preference to content that makes sense when muted and that integrates textual elements.

The impact of text is clear

Thanks to subtitles, video content is:

Social media platforms have been quick to develop tools enabling users to add auto-generated subtitles. But while consumers have gotten into the habit of adding text, advertisers are still behind the curve. Less than 10% of their video content integrates subtitles… yet it’s an easy, inexpensive way to maximize the impact of their campaigns!



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