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Although the past decade has seen various new electronic devices entering our homes, there’s one appliance that never goes out of style: the TV set, which still has its place in the middle of the living room. But despite appearances, the reality is quite different: TV sets no longer play the same role as they did for the generations of yesteryears.

Video content consumption is not slowing down, and even though consumers’ attention is fractured, TV still reigns

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More multi-faceted than ever before

If the TV set has managed to keep its preferred spot in the home, it’s thanks to the new features that come with connected TV. With 1 out of 2 Quebecers owning this type of device, connected TV is already making its mark. In fact, the penetration rate is expected to reach 83% in the country by 2023!

The 6 major engagement drivers for television

Source : Nielsen, Tracking the evolution of global tv viewing, August 2021

Connected TV: a complex arena

There’s no lack of players in the heated battle for ad dollars in connected TV! YouTube, an online video staple, is having trouble finding its place: it does not have a measuring method compatible with that of traditional TV, and it tends to go overboard with ad frequency.

Furthermore, over-the-top platforms still have their work cut out when it comes to offering an optimal advertising environment. Viewing experience quality, adequate reach-frequency, and appropriate use of user data are three major challenges faced by OTT providers!



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