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The love of professional sports transcends the ages. The way in which such content is consumed, however, evolves over time. For instance, watching sports on traditional TV, with family and friends, is now making way for a more personal viewing method, on devices such as tablets and smartphones. 

For now, Canadians are still turning towards traditional broadcasting

Source: YouGov – Study published in March 2021

Preserving broadcasting rights to protect consumers

One of the greatest challenges of the market when it comes to sports content is the increased offer for given content between rights holders, combined with new go-arounds.

For access to all their favourite teams’ games, fans who do not have a TV subscription often end up subscribing to various streaming services. This can come with quite a high price tag!

An overload of subscription video-on-demand : a return to advertised-based videos?

Source: Deloitte Insights, Technology, Media, and Telecommunications Predictions 2020

Digital giants are inviting themselves to the table across the globe

Source: RMC Sports, Ligue 1, Amazon communique ses premières audiences pour les affiches du dimanche soir, April 2022

Sports off ice

The nature of the sports content also changes as practice and values evolve. While professional athletes are sharing more and more of themselves (background, mental heath issues, professional setbacks, etc.), personal and autobiographical content is quickly growing in popularity.

In this context, related sports content is proliferating. This phenomenon is even more apparent online and on social media.

Estimated increase in various types of content consumption

Source Statista, survey conducted from June to August 2020 involving 665 leaders in the sports industry.

Advertisers also contribute to this content and help fuel the vast ecosystem surrounding professional sports.

It’s a winning strategy that TVA Sports is working to deploy within its various sports programs!



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