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Recruiting and employee retention: this is the number one challenge for employers in 2021. At a time when everyone’s talking about the labour shortage, companies are investing huge sums in their employer brands and in recruiting campaigns, and yet nothing can contain the problem.

The number of people who are considering changing jobs has reached new heights

Source: Axtra survey via Journal de Montréal, COVID-19: le tiers des Québécois a songé à changer d’emploi, June 2021

An increasingly complex arsenal for attracting workers

Forget about your basic job posting to attract candidates… To get their attention, recruiters really need to work hard. They need to contact the desired profiles directly, even getting out there and poaching them… And that’s not all! They need to offer more than just a mission, but a true comprehensive opportunity, complete with attractive retirement packages and fringe benefits. What’s more, the entire company should be involved in the recruiting effort: bonuses for employees who refer candidates are becoming practically ubiquitous.

Quebec start-ups go all-out to attract talent

Source: TVA Nouvelles, Une salle de jeux et de la bière pour les employés, July 2021

Once recruited, retention is key!

Source: Léger work happiness index, September 2021 

When all is said and done, isn’t money the key to happiness?

Without the fundamental basis of salary plus basic work conditions, the more qualitative aspects remain secondary. This is evidenced in the flight of workers from employment sectors that are the least well-paid but have the highest degree of difficulty.

The labour shortage can also be seen in the salary increases

Source: Statistics Canada, Enquête sur l’emploi, la rémunération et les heures de travail, 2021

Speaking of happiness, do you know which job was the most satisfying in 2021? Dentistry! With an average six-figure salary, it would make anyone smile!

Happy recruiting!



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