Display your banners and advertising videos only when your target is receptive to their mobile device

Integrate the human context into your digital campaigns

In partnership with the Quebec company CONTXTFUL , we measure non-private data from mobile sensors to identify impressions that have the highest likelihood of being seen by your targets.

Improve the return on investment of your programmatic and direct campaigns

Use of data

The Quebecor sites collect the data and send it to the CONTXTFUL server for analysis purposes

Real time analysis

CONTXTFUL returns the results of the analysis to us before the sale of a mobile impression (pre-bid)

Receptive delivery

Our ad server recognizes the data and allows targeting by Receptivity

What data are observed?

Our partner’s patented technology and machine learning uses fully anonymous metadata and sensor data, without the need for personal user data.

Contact our experts to add Receptivity (TM) targeting to your next mobile digital video and banner campaigns.

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