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Up until recently, the podcast was a relatively niche phenomenon; nowadays, it is among the most popular forms of media. The amount of audio-digital content has exploded. There are now approximately 1.5 million active podcasts worldwide, for some 34 million episodes!

Explosive growth for podcasts in Quebec

Sources: Vividata, fall 2021 and 2020 surveys, French Quebec and English Canada, 14 + / Edison Research, The Infinite Dial 2022 report (U.S. data, 12+)

The acquisition game

As the industry grows, activity is focused on some key players. In 2020, Amazon bought out Wondery, while Spotify acquired Megaphone, the leading podcast monetizer. But the competition is fierce, and not everyone makes it. In spring 2022, Meta announced the end of Facebook’s podcast service, less than one year after its launch.

Source: Le Journal de Montréal, Classement de balados francophones : deux émissions de QUB radio dans le top 3, April 2022

A unique medium that holds your attention

The podcast is winning over listeners as an alternative form of media:

  • this medium stands out for its diversity, creativity, and the engaging nature of its content, which is conducive to self-reflection and personal growth;
  • with its on-demand audio format, the podcast is the perfect backdrop for your day-to-day (travel, cooking, sports, etc.).

Taking the time to listen to a podcast is a way to break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and taking some time for yourself. Note that one of the reasons why young people turn to podcasts is to disconnect from screens.

Snapshot of podcast listeners in Quebec

(monthly podcast consumption)

Source : Vividata, automne 2021, Québec fr., 14+

The consecration of podcast advertising

Qualified audiences, an untapped moment of attention, listener engagement . . . the podcast is a unique way to reach your audience.

Podcast ads stand out in the digital sphere

Source: Kantar, Media Reaction 2021, Find Out Where Great Ads Thrive

The podcast industry is quickly gaining the trust of advertisers: 79% of those who integrated this ad format to their campaigns repeated the strategy the following year. In addition to traditional ad messages, the podcast also offers a more intimate way to spread the word and highlight a brand, through authentic narratives.

To your mics!

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