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a new trend with flair

Smell is definitely not the most commonly used sense when it comes to marketing . . . and the obligatory face masks haven’t helped at all! And yet, smell is a very powerful sense, capable of making us relive special moments—which is why some brands have taken to making olfactory marketing a part of their business plan.

Source : Isarta, L’olfactif doit aujourd’hui faire partie de sa stratégie marketing, January 2020

Under exploited, and yet full of potential

Olfactory marketing isn’t new to the restaurant industry. And the trend has slowly made its way to other industries, such as hospitality and fashion, where it isn’t quite so subtle (Abercrombie & Fitch shaped an entire generation with its signature scent).

And it’s been proven: a pleasant perfume or scent reinforces a space’s attractiveness and incites consumers to enter a store. Even better: a pleasant in-store smell increases sales by 5 to 20%! Smell can also represent a brand’s essence, creating an inclusive sensory experience around a brand—like the enticing smell of freshly baked bread associated with your favourite bakery or buttery popcorn at the movie theatre.

Only 2 to 3% of Canadian businesses use olfactory marketing. And yet, smell can actually generate concrete results:

Sources: Forbes, Leader’s TALK, La tendance du marketing olfactif / Isarta. L’olfactif doit aujourd’hui faire partie de sa stratégie marketing, January 2020

Local olfactory expertise

Several Quebec-based agencies specialize in the creation of personalized olfactory experiences, such as Agence Élixir, Flair Marketing Olfactif, and Stimulation Déjà Vu. The latter even developed a fragrance for Tourisme Montréal, entitled Montréal, une île. Designed to help promote the city’s marketing campaign, the scent is inspired by the Saint Lawrence River and the local gastronomy scene—a true delight! Which just goes to show that when it comes to the sense of smell, the only limit is your imagination! So get creative!   



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