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Trust is the word of the hour

Social media influence has turned the information game on its head, eliciting a ton of conflicting opinions. Since the start of the pandemic, the gap has only grown bigger between traditional media and digital giants accused of peddling (somewhat deliberately) fake news. And the people have spoken: 77% of Canadians trust traditional sources of information more than they do the digital giants!

Main criteria for judging the legitimacy of online information

Source : IPSOS, study conducted by Historica Canada, September 2019

Quality information to help generate conversations

If the media represents one of the pillars of democracy, print media has definitely cemented its place over time: 52% of Quebecers believe newspapers encourage debate and provide various perspectives. Furthermore, by broadcasting information on a global scale, the press participates, now more than ever, in maintaining the social fabric.  

Newspapers, websites, and news app: standing out across Quebec thanks to their background topics and ability to foster conversation

Vividata, Fall 2021, French-speaking Quebec, 14+

A fragile model to be preserved

More and more people are speaking out against the threat imposed by digital giants on the sustainability of traditional media. Many are demanding sterner rules. The goal: redistribute a part of these revenues, namely in support of local journalism.    

Fair taxation: small steps forward!



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