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Montreal, November 11, 2020 – TVA is extremely excited to reveal its revamped positioning. Supported by a large multidisciplinary team, TVA is adopting a new brand strategy and creating a new digital destination called TVA+.

Today marks the unveiling of a new vision and starting point for the future, building on TVA’s nearly 60-year history as a cherished Quebec brand that brings every generation together around TV events and daily programming that viewers know and love.


TVA holds a special place in viewers’ hearts, and we are extremely grateful for that. We’re also very proud of our commitment to our local communities and culture, the close connection we’ve developed with our audiences, and our unique ability to keep them informed and create major entertainment events. We feel privileged to be in this position, and we can never afford to take it for granted. That’s why over a year and a half ago, I challenged my team to think of ways to modernize every facet of the TVA brand, without compromising its DNA. The idea was to look to the future while still celebrating our heritage,” explains France Lauzière, President and CEO, TVA Group, and Chief Content Officer, Quebecor Content.

Throughout our creative process, we never lost sight of the fact that a brand has to come from within – it has to be felt, and then brought to life. As a result, what we’re unveiling today is not an esthetic change, but rather a vision for every sphere of activity that TVA is involved in, both as an employer brand and as a provider of on-air content and digital platforms. As expectations evolve, we have to stay relevant,” adds Claude Foisy, Vice President Marketing, TVA Group.


Across Quebec, the TVA brand is already recognized for its close proximity to people and their reality. It’s important for us that everyone who comes in contact with the brand – including viewers, partners, artists, crew members and employees – recognizes themselves in TVA.

This is the guiding principle that we stick to in all facets of our business.

In our conversations with employees, producers, personalities, creative & media communication agencies, and clients, as well as in the key takeaways of a vast consumer study conducted in cooperation with Léger, we quickly realized that TVA is a beloved brand that stands at the very core of people’s everyday lives. If there’s one brand that’s close to Quebecers, one brand in which they see themselves, this is it. And this is what our revamped brand expresses, through an updated tone and graphic language designed to be compassionate and humble, yet still proud,” says Guillaume Mathieu, Brand Strategist and Partner, ILOT stratégie + gestion de marque.


To bring this project to life, we put together a multidisciplinary team that drew inspiration from the world’s leading media brands.

To take the creative product one step further, we assembled a team of internal talents, as well as experts from different fields. It was obvious to us that revamping a unifying brand like TVA required a wide array of major talents, and the result speaks for itself: we succeeded in developing a high-calibre international brand that remains firmly rooted in Quebec,” declares Hugues Choquette, Senior director, Branding Strategy & Head of creative, COLAB STUDIO.


TVA is more than a TV network: it’s a content ecosystem. With TVA+,

Quebecers can watch their favourite shows for free, as well as access TVA live and thousands of hours of entertainment on demand, whenever they want. In addition, they can binge-watch several TVA shows and complete series, along with a selection of content from several specialty channels – from which they can discover their new favourite shows!

The TVA+ offering will also be enhanced in the coming months. The website and app that are being launched today are but a first step towards what the full digital platform will become.

TVA+ will be available as of this afternoon.


Because news is also at the core of TVA, it was essential for us to also update the TVA Nouvelles brand. Thanks to a solid and dynamic team that brings this brand to life in all our stations across Quebec, TVA Nouvelles will stay close to Quebecers by covering news that engages and affects them. The TVA Nouvelles app remains a central component in our strategy to keep the public informed in real time.


TVA is also using the advantage of this unveiling as an opportunity to explain what the new vision means in terms of content, with an offering that reflects and speaks to our viewers more than ever before. And through it all, TVA intends to keep launching new trends, initiating change, uncovering new talent and delivering the unexpected.

TVA has also put together a video that, according to its president, perfectly sums up “who we are, where we come from and where we’re going.” This video speaks to TVA’s commitment to be close to people across Quebec.


Starting this afternoon, the changes will be integrated on TVA and TVA Nouvelles, while the TVA Sports brand will be revamped in early 2021. Today’s announcement is the first of several milestones to be announced in the next few months.


Presenter :

TVA Group – France Lauzière, Martin Picard, Claude Foisy, Catherine Francoeur, Julie Riendeau

Creative Direction :

COLAB STUDIO – Hugues Choquette

Brand Strategy & Management :

ILOT stratégie + gestion de marque – Guillaume Mathieu, Amélie Leclerc

Creative Writing :

COLAB STUDIO – Hugues Choquette, Jani Pronovost

Visual Identity & Brand Platform :

Caserne – Léo Breton Allaire, Ugo Varin Lachapelle, Etienne Angot, Andrée-Anne David, Marie-France Falardeau

Print & Digital Advertising Production :

COLAB STUDIO – Diane Gignac, Magalie Roman, Louis-Philippe Verrier, Anne-Marie Bellavance, Loïc Ouellette, Martin Bois, Mario St-Jean

Graphic designer TVA – Martin Thériault

Station Branding :

Production & Direction : TVA Sherbrooke promo team – Bernard Fabi, Salvatore Scali, François Nadeau, France

Poirier, Nancy Duchesne, Christian Langlois, Thierry Fortier, Olivier Brassard

Sound Design :

PARADE – Marc-André Gilbert

TVA Nouvelles :

Direction & Motion design : ros-b – Philippe C. Gariépy

TVA+ :

Maya Meyouhas, Guillaume Ber, Amélie Hébert, Catherine Lafleur, Isabelle Gauthier, Delphine Kermoyan 

Communications & Public Relations :

TVA Group – Véronique Mercier, Ariane Fortin, 

Marianne Nycz, Julie Riendeau, 

Valérie Dupaul

Anthem Video Production :

Creative Thinking & Production : PARADE – Marc-André Gilbert, Jean-René Parenteau, Guillaume Dubois

Direction : Anthony Ayotte

Post-production : MELS

Typography :

Coppers and Brasses –

Étienne Aubert Bonn 

Photography :

Consulat – Jocelyn Michel

Project Management :

Marika Bouthilier, Pascale Frégeau (COLAB STUDIO), Alexandra Lapointe-Turcotte, Noémie Tremblay (COLAB STUDIO)



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