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Silence on set!

More than 200 films were shot in Quebec over the past decade. And there’s no slowing down. Montreal is regularly solicited by big players in the film and audiovisual industry, who are drawn by the city’s charm and local expertise.

Quebec's production industry in numbers

Source: Bureau du cinéma et de la télévision du Québec (BCTQ), Economic performance for the year 2021

MELS, a local gem

MELS is a leading film industry player in Canada. From Transformers to X-Men to Indéfendables to La Voix, the company welcomes a host of high-visibility local and international productions each year.

MELS Studio and Post-production in numbers

A virtual wall with real benefits

Since 2020, MELS has been home to a virtual production set. This innovative installation, ranked among the 10 best of its type in the world, is securing Quebec as a world-class destination for visual effects.

Virtual production, a cutting-edge technology

Although some may be intimidated by the prospect of such a condensed technological solution, those who have used it will never go back. The virtual set revolutionizes how we approach productions. Bid those greenscreens and fastidious post-production processes farewell; the virtual wall can be adapted to the scene being shot in real time.

Undeniable logistical and budgetary benefits

Source: Le Journal de Montréal, MELS: des millions investis dans la production virtuelle, February 2022



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