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a well-established, high-performance offer

The number of ads we see each day—an estimated 2,000 to 10,000—is simply mind-boggling! And the exact number keeps growing. Our attention span, on the other hand, is not following suit. Quite the opposite, in fact: with the digital shift, average concentration has dropped by one third. Now more than ever, capturing consumers’ attention is of utmost importance.

Content marketing to the rescue!

In an overly saturated advertising world, brand content helps shine a light on said brand through qualitative statements.

Consumers have made their pick

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Nowadays, content marketing is the answer to various challenges:

  • It’s an ideal strategy for sustainably positioning the brand image;
  • It helps more concretely attract prospects and turn them into loyal customers.

Informing and educating: the way to better sales

Source: Lyfe Marketing, Why is Content Marketing Important? Learn the Importance of Content Marketing for Your Business, June 2022

Storytelling: a rite of passage

It’s no secret that consumers’ product choices are intimately linked to brand experience and values.

Content marketing is key to conveying brand values

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Telling a story together is even better!

Co-branded content: a product with well-established standards

Whereas content partnerships between broadcasters and advertisers have long evolved in a somewhat artistic void, nowadays, co-branded content has become a whole product in the advertising world. An earned legitimacy, given:

  • The thorough organization of processes;
  • The standardization of management costs;
  • Established performance indicators (reach, engagement, consideration).

Co-branded process and life cycle

Co-branded content allows the advertiser to benefit from the partner’s expertise in terms of content and creativity. And for those who prefer to write their own story, customized content solutions are an excellent alternative when it comes to promoting a brand’s DNA. 

Quebecor’s customized content solution



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