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Analysis of technology-generated reach

As third-party cookies are painstakingly retiring—Google has just announced that the removal of cookies has been delayed (for the umpteenth time) to 2024—the digital world is reorganizing. In this context, the entire performance tracking paradigm is evolving.

New digital ecosystem standards to be defined

Source: WARC, The Marketer’s Toolkit 2022

If the last click was long considered a sacrosanct in the industry, nowadays, analyses are taking up greater importance and more attention is being given to the consumer journey.

The top of the funnel restored

Various studies have considered the linear aspect of buying behaviours. In light of this observation, it is evermore important to consider campaigns as a whole, with reach assessment at the forefront.

With brand lift, performance tracking is gaining depth

Source: Stack Adapt, 5 Ways Brand Lift Studies Can Inform Your Campaign Strategy, December 2021

In dissecting the relationship between consumer and brand, perceptual measures:

  • Enhance traditional data (impressions, click rate, views);
  • Help paint a complete picture to optimize campaigns.

An approach that applies to both media and marketing objectives.

Qualitative measures are innovating

In order to connect brand-lift standards with quantitative metrics, several digital specialists are working to modernize reach measurement. This is apparent through the evolution of panel acquisition methods: moving from recruiting that was once done by phone, then through banners, and now through retargeting or social media.

Automating to measure better

The panel of solutions allowing advertisers to understand how digital influences affect their brand’s health is broader than ever before.

quebecor expertise media

is now actively joining the change movement!

is now actively joining the change movement!

Additional sources: WARC, Why data partnerships will matter in a post-cookie world, April 2022 and The funnel alibi: Why Brand Building And Activation Should Be Undertaken Simultaneously, September 2020 / Adage, How Brand Lift Studies Can Power Optimal Campaign Impact, February 2022



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