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Black Lives Matter, #metoo, etc. Citizen movements condemning racial and social injustices have multiplied. Even in the worlds of media and marketing, inclusion and the representation of minorities are now key.

Multicultural youth : leaders in diversity

Sources : Vividata, Printemps 2021, Québec, 14+ / Facebook IQ, Faites place au futur, Découvrez la communauté Gen Z, Juillet 2020

For brands, the impulse comes from consumers: 64% of them are more inclined to consider a product after seeing an ad promoting inclusion and diversity.

Inclusive marketing campaign : the winning strategy for promoting brands to youths

Source : Kinetic, Real-World Planning: Why OOH is essential to inclusive marketing and why it matters for brands, Juillet 2021. Royaume-Uni

The belle province makes the shift

If, in terms of minority representation in the media, Quebec was slower than its Anglo counterparts in being inclusive, things are now changing. Since the start of the pandemic, local ad campaigns are now more colourful.

But be warned! To be convincing, diversity cannot be linked solely to marketing strategies; rather, it should concretely be reflected in the actions of industry players. Furthermore, in a context where employee retention is becoming a major issue, initiatives in this sense are a key asset: 47% of young Canadians would show more loyalty to an organization that publicly asserts itself in favour of diversity and inclusion!



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