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Connected TV

Advanced TV is now part of people’s regular viewing habits. Young viewers initiated the trend, and all generations followed suit. 51% of Quebecers now regularly consume OTT content—videos (live or VOD) distributed by Internet.

Advanced TV, connected TV, OTT . . . What are we talking about?

The adoption of smart TVs jumped in Quebec, benefiting connected TV

A new world of possibilities

The main potential for advanced TV, which brings it closer to the digital world, is its refined targeting ability. It opens the door to programmatic campaigns and advertising segmentation.

Advanced TV still comes with several limitations (low inventory, some BVOD content that remains untagged, measurement tool being tested with VAM, etc.), but it still presents great potential.

CTV: perfect for maximizing campaigns

Integrating connected TV into media strategies is an easy way to increase the reach of campaigns, with the possibility of using pre-existing video content. Combined with linear TV, CTV is a preferred tool for optimizing brand image and notoriety among consumers.

Overview of video content consumption (Canada, 18+)



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