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After two years of restrictions, Quebecers are craving adventure. Making up for lost time, however, means travelling differently. Goodbye, mass tourism and discount vacations. Tourists are now seeking wellbeing, escape, and even luxury.

Making up for lost time: 5 key figures

Sources: Vividata, winter 2022, Québec fr., 18+ / HelloSafe, March 2022 survey / Expedia / Expedia Group, Traveler Value Index 2022 / Wise, August 2021 survey

Living in the moment

Getaways in 2022 focus on flexibility and spontaneity. Over the past two years, thanks to the favourable conditions offered by carriers, travellers have gotten used to getaways that can easily be modified. And on this point, there’s no going back.

Flexibility is now the norm for consumers

Sources: Expedia Group, Traveler Value Index 2022 / Transat Chair in Tourism, perspectives touristiques 2022

Endless measures, loads of COVID tests . . . up until recently, spontaneous trips stopped being the preferred option. This year, vacationers plan to live a little more freely: 29% of them want to have the freedom to do what they want and live in the moment!

Taking care of yourself and others

Trips focusing on wellbeing have the wind in their sails. Now more than ever before, consumers are seeking to relax and disconnect. This is reflected in the entire industry: 21% of international travellers plan to tip tourism workers more generously. In 2022, it’s time to give tourism back its just value.

A burning desire to escape

Source: Vividata, winter 2022, Québec fr., 18+, vs. Spring 2020 survey

Not everyone is ready to go international

Source: HelloSafe, La pandémie a diminué l’envie de voyage de plus de 50% des Québécois, winter 2022

Planning extraordinary trips

In celebrating the possibility to travel once again, vacationers are going big, and they’re willing to pay the price (first-class flights and accommodations, dream destinations, etc.).
In this aspect, 1 out of 4 Quebecers is now looking for luxury getaways!



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