The cultural event of the summer

Patrice Bélanger and his team are here to give Quebecers a little boost to their lives with this show where fun and pleasure prevail.

Filled with laughter, secrets, and plans for the future, Quebec celebrities reveal themselves as they never have before in this adapted edition which still maintains the accessible format that made is so successful.

With a front row seat to events happening across the province, Sucré Salé is the reference for summer culture. Above and beyond the artists featured, the show puts our entire province in the spotlight.

Give your summer a boost

3 M

viewers every week​

18 Pie Chart


market share


of Quebecers

Source: Numeris, Quebec Fr., June 8 to September 6, 2020, T2+. *Sucré Salé 6:30 p.m.​

Patrice Bélanger

A well-known host

A seasoned host of legendary spontaneity, and an actor capable of emotional range as well as humour, Patrice Bélanger quickly earned his reputation and is recognized today as a host that appeals to both youth and adults.

Whether at the helm of numerous television and radio shows, or as a guest of honour at many high-profile events and festivals, Patrice excels at conveying his zest for life and unshakable good humour.

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