Star Académie returns in Winter 2022 !

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Star Académie is an unparalleled daily adventure extending over 11 weeks, a major TV event that reaches all of Quebec with a theme that is unifying and ric in emotion: the power of song.​

​ The Academy offers live training sessions that enable promising young artists to develop their skills as singers, writers, and composers, as well as strengthen their unique artistic personality. But above all, the Academy is a source of emotionally rich stories.

Star Académie offers an extremely rich and notorious context for anyone who associates with it.

A Quebec united by music


Quebecers reached on average every week with Star Académie (daily and variety). (Weekly reach T2 +)

18 Pie Chart


Star Académie 2021 varieties A25-54 market share


Average viewers tuned in to Sunday varieties (T2 +)

Source: Numéris, Québec Franco, February 14 to April 18, 2021 (Preliminary data April 12 to 18, 2021), Mo-Th 7:30 p.m.-8 p.m. and Sun 7 p.m.-9:25 p.m., T2 +, A25-54.


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