Part of your morning ritual

Every morning, count on Gino Chouinard and his team to start your day with a smile and all the info you need, including local and international news, sports and entertainment, as well as weather, traffic and much more.

The show also features segments dealing with fashion & beauty, home & family, well-being and cooking, with a wide range of tips to make daily life easier and more fun. In addition, the C’est bon à savoir segment introduces viewers to new products and services, in a format that’s specifically designed to strategically serve an advertiser’s interests.

With lots of timely and relevant themes, Salut Bonjour offers brands a unique showcase with diverse, high-quality content.


Informations on Salut Bonjour

18 Pie Chart


market share

1.6 M



a diversed audience

Source : Numeris, Québec franco A2020 (7 sept. 2020– 3 jan 2021.), L-V, 6 h-10 h et L-D, 2h-2h, 2+ et A25-54 (Palmarès des émissions régulières)/ Estimated Spring 2021 – January 4th to June 6th 2021, Québec Franco. / Social media: march 2021. DFP oct. 2019 – march 2020

Salut Bonjour Weekend

Sharing Every Quebecers’ Weekend

Saturday and Sunday mornings are a perfect time to slow things down, escape the routine and enjoy life’s simple pleasures – and Salut Bonjour weekend is the perfect companion to all that, offering a warm and casual atmosphere.

Ève-Marie Lortie and her lively team deliver news, sports, entertainment and weather updates, as well as their latest finds and practical tips on a wide range of topics.

Salut Bonjour weekend is a perennial favourite with strong ties to its audience. You can leverage that relationship to reach viewers in a relaxed ambiance that breaks the usual morning routine.

Informations on Salut Bonjour Weekend

18 Pie Chart


marketshare Saturdays and Sundays

2.1 M

ofQuebecers viewers on Saturdays andSundays

8 M

impressions/month on

Source : Numeris, Québec franco A2020 (7 sept. 2020 – 3 jan 2021.), L-V, 6 h-10 h et L-D, 2h-2h, 2+ et A25-54 (Palmarès des émissions régulières) / Estimated – average saturday and sunday – Spring 2021 – January 4 to June 6 2021, Québec Franco. / Social media : MARCH 2021/ DFP oct. 2019 – march 2020

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