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The latest TV phenomenon

Currently a hit in 20 different countries, L’île de l’amour (Love Island) is ready to heat up Quebec this fall! Single men and women aged 20 to 30 will be flown to a magnificent Mexican island with one goal in mind: finding love.

As soon as they arrive, the contestants will have to pair up based solely on their first impressions. After making their initial choices, they’ll be asked to decide if they want to stay together or break up, before launching on a journey filled with challenges and games in a breathtakingly beautiful setting that opens them up to endless possibilities – including falling in love. Audiences will also take part in the adventure through an app that lets them influence the show’s outcomes.

With a bold broadcast strategy that combines digital and TV platforms, as well as an atmosphere that’s tailor-made for gripping stories and unpredictable twists, L’île de l’amour is your dream destination to reach young reality TV fans.

A worldwide phenomenon


Of Love Island UK viewers are under 30 years old ​​


adaptations of the format all over the world

Flat Screen TV


Highest ratings with 16-34 year olds, all channels combined (England)​

Source : ITV

Naadei Lyonnais

The host

Singer, songwriter, model and occasional actress Naadei Lyonnais has worked with several international artists in Canada, the U.S. and France, including on Wyclef Jean’s African and European tour. This past year, she made her first high-profile appearance on reality TV. As host of L’Île de l’amour, each of her interventions will mark a pivotal moment in our contestants’ day-to-day lives, such as the arrival of new participants or the announcement of an unexpected development. Naadei will be empathetic, while always remaining above the fray and never taking sides.

Mehdi Bousaidan

The narrator

This narrator’s role, who’s free to say out loud what most viewers are thinking – but with an ironic or comical twist that helps dial down the drama in certain situations. He’s there to both guide and amuse us – a task that’s made to measure for popular comedian Mehdi Bousaidan.

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