Season 6 promises to be as gripping as ever

Still tackling issues that are close to Quebecers, L’Échappée returns for a 6th season. Two months after Marie-Louise’s disappearance, Gérard Chaput remains on the loose, and hopes of finding the young detective alive are fading with each passing day. Richard and Gisèle are each coping very differently with this tragic situation, although both are trying their best to keep up appearances. But will their friendship survive this ordeal?

Now living in Saint-Pascal, Jade and Jean-Simon have found happiness as their sanctuary project takes flight. Their spiritual workshops and retreats are a big hit and seem to benefit many people – including Astrid, who’s now fully back in control of her life, and Joëlle, who appears to be on the road to recovery. However, Claudie is concerned and hesitant to adhere to Jean-Simon’s philosophy.

Meanwhile, the arrival of new kids solidifies the friendship between Manu, Fabien and Olivier, who band together against the new residents. Robin and Félix will also have to adjust to their new cohorts – but will the arrival of a young murderer compromise everyone else’s progress?

After having moved in with Clément, Noémie goes through a difficult period filled with drama and disappointment, leaving her with a growing sense of injustice. Will her imminent return to l’Échappée help her find happiness again?

Year after year, L’Échappée is a sure-fire vehicle to reach your targets.

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