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​ A fiction rich in twists and turns!

CHAOS tells the story of several young adults and the people around them, whose lives are literally transformed when tragedy strikes at a concert by music idol INVO. On that night, the innocence of several survivors will be shattered. Who, what, where, when, why and how many? These are the burning questions that viewers will grapple with throughout this psychological suspense story, police drama and backstage mystery, in which music plays a prominent role. Get ready for a sweeping human saga where emotions are deployed one after the other, and hope takes on a new meaning.

Each character’s story is split into three time periods: before, during and after the fateful evening when chaos reigned. But as destiny strikes, it can also spare certain people.

A remarkable distribution

A hard-hitting series


Fall 2021

Original production

10×60 minutes

Integrations possible

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