As captivating as ever

The Missing Persons Special Unit takes on new cases, as Pénélope and Hugo struggle to cope with the harrowing events involving their daughter Mia. Meanwhile, Dominic faces a
complex situation as he tries to maintain his objectivity and professionalism while dealing with his girlfriend, her ex and their daughter.

As Pascal tries to accept the fact that his father’s murderer, Lanctôt, is out on parole, he decides to take charge of his life and leave the family home. Always the consummate investigator, Stéphanie suspects that her son is hiding something.

In the case of Marilou Magloire’s murder, Sgt. Pelletier is called into question over the interrogation methods he used on Alexis Gagnon. The members of the Unit rally around Pelletier and try to dig up more information about Marilou – but will their perseverance pay off with new evidence?

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