Always close, always there.

A transit shelter is a local medium that is part of your consumers’ daily lives. It is well-established in the community.

+ penetration
+ closer to consumers and vendors

5 000


98 %

monthly reach


large centres
(Montreal, Laval, Longueuil, Levis, Sherbrooke)

Source : Reach 98% each month (MTL – comb, Summer 2020, Mtl RMR, 5+)

More extended than ever!

Motorists, pedestrians, cyclists, students, professionals or retirees, transit shelters are for everyone.
Plus, consumers are increasingly mobile so they are exposed to transit shelters in all neighbourhoods constantly.

+ precise geo-targeting
+ optimal visibility for advertising campaigns
+ flexibility in media placement

Discover our interactive maps that demonstrate OOH static campaigns:

within Montreal’s radius
within Sherbooke’s radius
by GRPs within our advertising market

Standard transit shelter stunt

Innovate with unique, surprising concepts:

– 3D construction
– Vinyl covering on the structure and the glass
– Music and sound effects
– Lighting
– Video Production
– Event activation
– Scent diffusion system

Learn more about standard transit shelter stunts

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