Stand out from the crowd and draw attention to your brand. With an amazing execution, interact with your target audience. Transform this location into an original advertising experience.


advertising stunts to date

21 150

square feet of vinyl installed

14 500+

minutes of audio played

Standard transit shelter stunt

Innovate with unique, surprising concepts:

– 3D construction
– Vinyl covering on the structure and the glass
– Music and sound effects
– Lighting
– Video Production
– Event activation
– Scent diffusion system

Discover our map that represents our best TSA stunts in Montreal

Digital transit shelter stunt

With contextualized advertising, a message or creative concepts can be adapted to a variety of events:

– Outside temperature
– Time of day
– Location of transit shelter
– Countdown
– Countdown
– RSS feed
– Fast, dynamic updates

Transit bus stunt

Get second looks with our creative wrap formats:

– Banner
– Mini mural
– Side mural
– Rear mural
– Superbus

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